Monday, October 28, 2013


After dropping every phone I have ever owned into the toilet, I took the "plunge" today and got an iPhone. As someone who has only ever always had a cedar phone, this is a big step.  For several days now I have been walking around with a GoPhone than had none of my contacts and that whole use the numbers as letters texting. If I only had any contacts.

I got the old model 4s iPhone for 99 cents. The lady really tried to talk me into the new model. But, as I told her again and again as she shook her head in dismay, I am used to having a cedar phone. ANY iPhone will make me feel like Jack Bauer. 

Then I bought a case for it that cost $80. What is wrong with this picture?

I am thinking a Celine Dion song in my head to my new phone. And it feels wrong.


Rachael L. Anderson said...

Welcome to the real world :(

Heather said...

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