Saturday, February 03, 2007

naked boys

All little boys like to run around naked. I recently babysat for a friend's little boy who is no exception to this rule. He's around 4 and is naked from sun up to sun down. It's awesome. Sort of sketchy at meal time, but to have parents who allow you that much freedom to be who you are is good.

He's been really sick this week. We dumped out a big clear plastic box of toys and he got in the box. He barely fit in there and had to wiggle around until he could get all the way in. He says, "Push me." And I say, "I can't, it will scratch the floor." And he says, "I've got an idea." And he gets out of the box and spreads out his blanket and puts the box on it and hands me a corner. Brilliant problem solver, this one. So, I'm pulling him around the house, naked in a box. In our circuit, we pass many landmarks. The stairs going up become the cliffs of insanity and the stairs going down become the pit of despair (as I have to make it fun for me). We pass his toy box and he tells me when to stop for him to change out his toy. Spoiling other peoples children is my favorite.

It was not a proud moment, though, when his grandpa came to the front door as we were passing through the foyer. Small talk becomes difficult when you've got a naked heir in a plastic box.


AmyFritch said...

This makes me laugh out loud hard.

Ryan Kennedy said...

"a naked heir in a plastic box"

If anyone was ever a wordsmith, it's you. Although someone the other day did call my loafers "tiny signatures of aplomb"

laurakirkland said...

see, kids just don't like to wear clothes.. I am convinced we shouldn't buy them anymore