Monday, June 04, 2007

Dangit, I miss the Fritchmans

Summer is here, and I don't know about you, but I miss the Fritchmans. I miss Asa and Eli coming over and jumping way too high on the trampoline. I miss them dropping trou and arching it into the creek off the bridge. I miss cuddling up on the sofa with all five blankies and watching Aladdin. I miss buying random toys at Target because I know they'll have fun in my big backyard aiming them at one another.

I miss the way Mark would always bait me with probing questions about my hot button issues. I miss him telling me about the heretical books he's been reading because he's always trying to understand God in broader terms. I miss his big goofy presence around here.

I miss the way Amy would ask me how I'm doing and never settle for, "Fine." I miss her bubbling enthusiasm about anything and everything. I miss her great big bright smile. I miss seeing her look at my people with something like pride.

I'm going outside to cry now. What do YOU miss about the Fritchmans?


brad said...

I hate that I can't just pick up the phone and say, "Mark, do you want to play golf later today?" I miss not spending time with the one guy I feel the most like myself around.

ManUtd17 said...

I miss being able to get together whenever we wanted. To talk about whatever was on our minds. Or to talk about absolutely nothing at all. To share whatever was going on in our lives. To support each other. I miss my friends.

h. said...

hmmm, I miss ---
Franks jokes + stories....Amy's laugh!!...asa and e's big smiles.
but I dont miss their dogs.

Annie said...

I miss Mark's side hugs (as much as you can miss a side hug) and I agree with H- Amy's laugh. It's so genuine and beautiful.

AmyFritch said...

I would say I'm laughing - but I'm crying! See. This blog thing makes me MISS y'all SOOO bad!!!! Ok - I'll go blog a real blog now.
Thanks for loving us so much - back at all of ya!!!