Wednesday, July 11, 2007

key largo

Boy, do I ever want to post this picture of us snorkeling. When I figure out how, it will be good. I got this new "air card" from the Radio Shack Cingular guy. You know how that goes, sign a contract for 2 years and pay hundreds of dollars with the promise to pay hundreds more. Then, you try to upload a picture and...not so much. If I wasn't on vacation from such things, I would throttle that guy.

Vacation. Now there's a word. We vacated our home in lieu of another. One on the water. The sunsets are magnificent. But, I'm just getting used to it all. The bed is queen sized and I'm accustomed to king. Mike thrashes a good bit in his sleep. Last night he gave me a million dollar elbow to the cranium. Nowhere to hide. Not in a queen sized.

Boating is scary in a fun sort of way. You have this feeling that you are moments and inches away from danger. Mike is a mad man, racing wildly out into the Atlantic, the captain of all he surveys. I love that about him. I have some great video to post of us racing through the water when I figure out how.

For now, know that I love you folks back at home. And I miss you.


AdairZambia said...

ok you are the coolest and i hate that i never read your blog and you are always leaving awesome comments on mine so i am going to do better! miss you!

h. said...

miss you more!