Saturday, August 11, 2007

great ideas

Mike and I watched a speech to the National Press Club on CSpan this week by Newt Gingrich. He has some great ideas.

Make time to watch the speech. He's smart. We will support his efforts to shape the debate.


brad said...

Newt is freakin' brilliant. I have been watching/listening to him for some time now and each time come away enlightened. I don't have time to watch this video, but does it contain the FedEx story? About there is a world that works (capitalism) and a world that doesn't (government)? Awesome.

Here is a link to that clip:

carolineb said...

He doesn't give the FedEx story in this one, he uses instead the example of how we defeated the Nazis and Japan in about 4 years while it took 20+ years to add a 5th runway at Hartsfield. It's toward the end of the clip in the Q&A session. So good. Want to come to a Solutions Day event we are hosting?

brad said...

I would be happy to attend. I will make sure to watch the whole clip you posted.

Do you think if we got the private sector to do some things instead of the government we would be better off? We have way too many people that need to be weaned off the teat that is the US government. WAY TOO MANY!