Friday, August 31, 2007

zoe and henry

Just look at this precious baby girl. She loves to dress up like a princess complete with crown. When she comes over to visit we get out Katie's bug project for a science class and Zoe will point to them and tell me which ones have teeth and which ones have "pokers".

And just look at this blue eyed baby boy Henry. He's a bundle of cuddles and I'm quite in love with him. Go figure.

These babies lost their Aunt Bekah this week in a bad car crash. I'm praying for them to always remember her beautiful face. And I'm praying for their Mama to never forget what a glad reunion day it will be when we all get to heaven. I hope my mansion is right next door.


AmyFritch said...

I've heard you all say Zoe was funny. I thought, Yeah, baby funny. She's freakin' hilarious. They came and played yesterday and we had the best time! It's difficult not to fall in love with either of them! We're praying for the Rogers family.

marie-claire said...

I miss you. You know when you walk into a room where someone is sleeping and you're humming really loudly and the sleeping person moves in their sleep, and you stand real still to see if you woke them up? That's how much I miss you.

laurakirkland said...

Thank you. Thanks for all the offers of help. I would love to see your smiling face when I get home. I am now looking towards my Marietta home again and anticipating getting back to some resemblance of normal life. We need to get home and start hanging up all our pictures of aunt bekah on the wall. Life goes on. Time to keep making memories, making every day count, and time to continue investing in all our precious relationships with one another. Love you.

Jennie B said...

I think I might like to have a "poker".