Friday, September 28, 2007

The Global Smash Hit!

So the marquee said. Mamma Mia is reportedly a worldwide phenomenon being wildly loved by millions. Me and Jen decided to see what all the fuss was about. Any live performance on Broadway is bound to be entertaining...add the music of Abba and how could you go wrong?

As it turns out, I only know about 3 Abba songs and they sang about 53. They wove a story (loosely) around the lyrics of those 53 songs. People all around us were speaking foreign languages to one another during the breaks but sang out loud with one voice to each song. In English. It was weird. The people behind me were chattering away during intermission, and I distinctly heard them say, "Sadkfue sldifjjg sewierfgfh Ally McBeal."

My very favorite part was that the protagonist looked exactly like Amy Fritchman. She was perky and cute and absolutely precious, she even danced like Amy. It was awesome.

Anywho, I'm back home now and I ain't leavin' agin fer awhile.


Annie said...

Glad you are home. And I LOVED Mamma Mia when it came to the Fox. And you are right- they are far more than just "Dancing Queen". How does one group have so many songs? It was crazy to me. In the end, my fav song was "Mamma Mia".

Jennie B said...

I'm not sure making fun of the whole thing from the moment we sat down did much to enhance our enjoyment of the show :)

nysewanders said...

ok, this has NOTHING to do with your post, but I just wanted to say hey and all three Nysewanders are missing us some B-fields. Whne B comes to visit you should come too!

nysewanders said...

Just wanted to confirm what my lovely wife said, we are missing the place at 420. Yall are awesome.


seantk said...

blog much? :)