Tuesday, October 30, 2007

John at 3

He weighs the same here. I love his bowl cut. And his button down with khakis. And my kitchen when it was new.
He's going to be 18 in a week. Yes, I'm freaking out.


brad said...

I can see both you and Mike in him.

He will be able to vote in next year's election. Make sure you get in his ear about a candidate.

carolineb said...

He is already registered and has American Government this semester at a private Christian school.

He just got his Selective Service notice in the mail. Again, freaking out.

Jennie B said...

He was SO CUTE! Ohmygosh. To take Amy Fritch's words "I could just eat him".

Heather said...

ohhhhh......john john.....the cutest kid ever