Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Extrovert Melancholy

It's a weird combination. I'm extroverted but also melancholy. This makes me feel like I absolutely must share. My darkest feelings. Makes for heavy blogging. Because of the Holy Spirit I can be light hearted. Without Him I am heavy hearted. I think. It's just a theory.

Maybe I get my inspiration from my audience. I fear my audience eventually grows tired of my stuff. Or I'll say too much and become embarrassed or worse, sound disloyal. Then the inspiration to share leaves me. It's a vicious cycle. If any of this makes sense. I don't really know.


seantk said...

Did you take a test of some sort to come to this description? A personality test?

I can understand what you're saying. It makes sense. I believe I'm this way, to a degree.

Thanks for sharing (and don't regret it).

"Hey everyone! I just agreed with Caroline.....oh wait, I feel so depressed now" --- example of EM

Annie said...

Maybe it's a blogger trait?

carolineb said...

My "counselor" gave me the test.

seantk said...

"Counselor" = Mike?


"Counselor" = your lawyer?*

*if YOU are in need of a lawyer, call Anthony Kirkland at 770.428.63**

carolineb said...

"Counselor" like you pay $75 per hour to let her look into your psyche. Mike says I need a $1000 per hour person if I want to get to the bottom of my psyche.

seantk said...

Thanks for the explanation. And Mike's comment was good.

Last question, though: why is counselor written with quotation marks around it? It seems like you're mocking this person. Are they a chump or something?

nysewanders said...

I like you just the way you are. I like the fun crazy moments, i like the way you act when the crazy moments have pushed you slightly over the edge and I like you when all the honesty comes rush out of you and then you wish you could take it back, but I'm glad you can't. this world needs honest. I think the reason you are so loved Caroline, is because you are who everyone else WISHES they had the confidence and freedom to be. I wish I could be more like you because I hide behind the happy-mask in fear that if I have one 'bad' moment, it will turn people away. You are evidence that people aren't repulsed by our honest personality, they are drawn to it. Bravo, my friend, for a life well lived!

carolineb said...

STK: It's my attempt at humor by suggesting I was above and didn't need a "counselor".

RCN: Wow. I've never heard of such a nice saying not a one time.