Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Spring will come again.

Mama says that Robins are notoriously precarious nesters. I'm sorta glad. Because we got to see this nest on the ground last Spring. Egg shells are like nothing else, the way they diffuse the light, beautiful.
Here's the Easter eggs Mama colored last year. She does a big basket every year, usually with the help of the kids and grandkids. Sometimes Daddy tries to get fancy with them. The pink ones are my favorite. And the yellow ones. And blue and green. We got some peach ones in last years batch.


Sharliss Jane Arnold said...

Winter will be gone and Spring is almost here. I am looking so forward to another season in this life. I pray it will be full of yellow, pink, blue and fancy colored eggs. And just incase some of you don't know, momma's know just how to make a perfect nest. I love you Caroline, my friend and sister. Thanks for all your encouragement.

Jennie B said...

I think I would like an 18X20 blow-up of that easter egg photo. If I ever felt sad, I could look at it and I don't think I would still be sad.