Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Light on the Water

It looked like a million diamonds. It was around 4pm and we were headed to fish at Butternut Key. There is a bird sanctuary there but it sounds like an island of monkeys. We anchored and the boys set about catching mangrove snapper and I started a new book. But, it's hard to read when you are distracted by so much beauty.


Sharliss Jane Arnold said...

Sounds lovely, sure wish I was there, right there with you. You would not have to read a book, we could catch up and laugh and laugh. I could use a good laugh right about now. Love you sis.

Anonymous said...

So, I went on a churchy retreat last week with 30 women I didn't know and all I could think of all week was how much fun-er it would have been with Cbed and Jeaniepoo there. Love ya and miss ya!