Monday, August 04, 2008


Imagine my delight as we approach the house and see a rainbow springing from our very roof. I love that story. But actually, Mike and Hun and I were leaving the cul-de-sac and I asked Mike to position the boat so that the rainbow was over the house. Still, it is cool.

John Livergood spent the night with us on Friday. He was in Miami on business and popped down for a looksee. He and Mike went fishing and it was really fun to have him and his energy infuse this house with life. Seriously, I spent 4 hours on a puzzle that day. We were in critical need.

I almost forgot! Mike and I went to Monkey Jungle on Friday! We kept seeing the sign last year on our trips to and from the airport. We love us some monkeys, so this year we went for it. It was hilarious. The people are in the cage and the monkeys run all around the outside. The lady at the front desk sold us some boxes of raisins and it didn't take long for the monkeys to school us in the protocol. They have little tiny buckets on long chains and they drop them from the ceiling on your head as you pass by. You put the raisins in and they draw them up frantically looking all around for their bigger cousins and quickly eat the raisins. You can tell they are well fed and it's more of a sport for them.Their resident Lowland Gorilla is named King. I love him.


carolineb said...

He looks like Mike!

Katie B said...

No fair!

Katie B said...

I really meant the monkey jungle but I mean the rainbow too.
And the John Liver visit.
No fair!