Thursday, November 06, 2008

My girl.

KTB will be 22 tomorrow. Some people don't even have a KTB, and that's sad. So, you can borrow mine if you'll bring her back. Brett. I can't really talk about Katie right now as she is engaged to be married and I'm struggling to imagine this house without her.

She is happy 97% of the time. The rest of the time, she is unconscious.

She coaches volleyball. I can remember being in middle high and looking up to the older girls. She's that girl.

She fully rocks at Guitar Hero.

She got glasses. And even cuter. Can I say that she can wear a scarf like nobody's business?

Can I say that she didn't make the same mistakes as me and that I feel a little redeemed by that?
She and Brett love to swing dance. They are engaged to be married in April. We love him.

So, I'm being brave.


brad said...

I think it's time for Mike to bring back the 'stache. Very Selleck.

And happy birthday to KTB. I have what I think is my own in the making and I couldn't be more blessed.

ManUtd17 said...

There's only one KTB.

Good work mama.

Chip said...

What a wonderful tribute. Awesome mama, awesome girl. You done good.

And I second the motion on the stache. Very 80s.

A Southern Wedding Belle said...

Happy, Happy, Happy B'day KTB!! In our family you get the birthday song sung to you on your birthday morning - we have various versions but they always end with "we lu-u-u-u-v you". We love you KTB and your sweet family too!

tatum said...

she is very good with accessories of every type.

i'm really glad you birthed KTB. you are two of my favorite people on the it makes sense that one of you made and raised the other.

that last picture freaks me out and makes me sad that i'm not there to do that with y'all.

i love you both!

Sharliss Jane Arnold said...

We are so very happy for you today, Happy Birthday! You have a grand sweet girl that we love so very very much!

Jef Peeples said...

Ok, I'm so angry at you right now for making me tear up!!!! Dang!!!

Kelly said...

Children should not be allowed to grow up and leave home. It's very mean of them.

Jennie B said...

I love her.