Thursday, January 22, 2009

I love this

I love this picture. It doesn't belong to me, I swiped it off the world wide web. Can you get in trouble for that?

Anyway, I love babies. And I've always wondered what it is about babies that I love so much. It doesn't matter who they belong to, I love them instantly. Is everybody like that? I absolutely love little bitty humans. Why? I can love tiny ones effortlessly.

I can't love the big ones as easy. I just read The Same Kind of Different As Me. It's a story of a wealthy Christian couple who learn how to love people at a homeless shelter. Their newest and bestest homeless man friend decides, after trying to figure out if and how to receive this love, that everybody is the same kind of different. From each other.

I'm pretty sure that God is softening my heart. And I wonder if one day big people will be as easy for me to love as little ones. That would be amazing.


LisaT said...

That book will do that to you. It's like God is saying, "THIS is the reason I made you, people!"

A Southern Wedding Belle said...

Caroline - I'm so glad that you are there and that you blog. I like knowing what you are thinking. I'll add that book to my long list to read when I'm not a student anymore. Right now I'm going crazy and I can't blog or even breath!

Jennie B said...

I love that picture...the way the baby is looking at her is amazing.