Thursday, January 29, 2009

Queen me.

We started the Beth Moore study about Esther last night. The sub-title is "It's Tough Being a Woman." So true, so true.

Did you see the movie "300"? It is super violent and has some really nasty parts, but I LOVE THAT MOVIE. The movie takes place in time just before the book of Esther begins. It's the story of Leonidas and the few Spartans who took on the many, the beginning of the end for the Persian Empire intent on moving into Europe. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. If you're up to it. It is stylized and, in my opinion, beautifully made. But beware, the man in my life thinks it is kinda sick that I like it so much.

I was just thinking about the history of Israel and about how it was only 70 years ago that 6 million Jews were slaughtered. That's not very long. And then I thought of the story of Joseph. I've always thought of him as a type of Christ. But, he is certainly a type of Israel as well. God chose Joseph (Israel) from among his brothers (other sons of Abraham..ah hem...) causing jealously enough to sell him into slavery (a million examples) to suffer (holocaust, etc.) and eventually prosper to the point of reigning with power providing sustenance even to his starving oppressors (the near future?).

Anywho, it is very difficult for me to imagine our precious Queen Esther with the Xerxes in the movie. I'm not sure how I will reconcile that one.

Some things I am thinking.


Marie-Claire said...

I really love Esther. That whole story, and the story of Joseph, is incredible. 300 is sick and awesome.

Leigh Anne Bedingfield said...

I do love me some Leonidas! I do think 300 overexaggerated the look of Xerxes but what a visual it put in my brain. Hard to get that out of my mind when I think of Esther. I am enjoying the study...miss you at the table!