Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm working on a theory.

I've been thinking about what happens when a dump truck backs up into the front yard of your life and unloads ten tons of manure.  That you didn't order.  How huge it is, how bad it smells, how unsightly.  If you live in a neighborhood you'll get complaints. 

I've also been thinking about how manure is fertilizer.  How you can, little by little, shovel full by shovel full, take it around to the plants in your backyard.  And your side yard.  And your neighbors yard.  And spread just a little.  And the pile gets smaller.  And the plants get healthier.  After some time passes.

How about the person who placed the order?  How about the person who drove the delivery truck?

You could look at the pile and say to yourself, "It's mine. It's ours. We will handle it."  You could say, when people come by with shovels and offer to take some away, "No, thank you."

The pile is still there.

I think it is weird that something so disgusting actually encourages growth.

I had a pile.  After trying lots of different removal methods, I hired someone to haul it away.  The most amazing stuff grows in that spot.