Monday, October 16, 2006

Crusselle Family Beach Blast 2006

My Mom and Dad with most of their kids. Matt is in a pretty significant shadow and I don't know what Mike was saying. Anna was crying because she wanted to wear her purple skirt instead and Dad has on his dark glasses. Buddy, Donna and Will are missing altogether. But, I still like this picture because we had a great time laughing together and the weather was amazing and Cape San Blas is our new favorite place. Jenn made us all t-shirts and on the back it says, "Remember who you are." My Mama always said that to us kids before we went out the door.

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TheHeartInterrogater said...

Love the t-shirts!!!! Now, was that your idea? You said your sister made them, but I can totally see you doing that...ya'll must be alot alike.
Love ya,