Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Keith Urban

Katie took me to see Keith Urban! He was filming a new video and just in case he didn't see us, we are sending him this photo.Ok, Keith is the real deal. He writes all his songs and performed them for us singing and playing acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar and then he sat down at the piano and played and sang.All that plus naturally good looks makes Nicole one lucky gal. We're hoping he gets all the way well and that he runs into someone full of the Spirit at the hospital!


tatum said...

first of all, i love that picture.
second, the update is coming RIGHT NOW!! i tried to do it last night, but the internet was too slow for pictures. sorry it took so long, but it's lengthy and unecessarily informative so i think you'll enjoy. i miss you crazy caroline! love you!

TheHeartInterrogater said...

Your so awesome...and just radiate the joy of the Lord. Love you and see you Wednesday (so sad that it's our last one).