Friday, April 13, 2007


I don’t even know what it means. But, it doesn’t even matter. Me and Katie B say it all the time, I don’t even know why. It’s the name of an oriental restaurant near the mall and it’s really fun to say.

Today me and B had a running around together day. We went to lunch with my parents and brother then on to a Korean grocery where I bought a bag of “Dried Black Fungus”.

From there we went by the tea shoppe where, to make Katie laugh, I said Penang with the rich vibrato on the second syllable that she loves. It came out sort of loud and I think it disturbed some of the clientele. But, Katie laughed out loud which thing I love.

Then to Robinson’s Coin Shop on the square, cool old coins that Katie remembers visiting with her dad when she was little. Later, we were almost attacked by a wolf outside of Barnes and Noble where I picked up a spare copy of Heart of Darkness.

We basically talked about repressed memories that give vague feelings of anger and then decided to give Ellie a new name, King Tut.

Our day together ended with a visit to Annie’s house, I got to see the whole thing this time. I think that when all of this is over, we should move in together. I love Annie. Annie gets away with recounting her days, I should probably keep mine to myself.


laurakirkland said...

Lovin' Penang.. It is my favorite Thai Dish..
Chicken Penang Curry. I will make it for yall some day. IF you don't think I am a total dork, or if you don't already know what it is. Ummmm, anyway...
I probably should keep MOST of my comments to myself.

If anyone else can come up with a better comment to this post, then I will make Chicken Penang Curry for all of you... Only if I like you.

tatum said...

pretty sure this won't be a better comment...but i love the cameo by asa and eli behind the fungus.

i'm jealous of that day...i want some of that when i get home.

Katie B said...

Haha. One time we were in the car on the way home from eating with the family and Mom and I just kept saying it over and over different ways and louder and louder and I promise Dad and John-John almost killed us right there. They were so annoyed. And all the more reason to say it louder and more ofter. We're horrible. And lucky to be alive. And still saying that word loud and often. Whatever it even means... :)
Sorry boys. (not really cuz its funny)

Tatum, get ready sister!

Katie B said...

Oh, and her real name is Tutankhamun.
But you can call her King Tut for short.

Ryan Kennedy said...

don't ever not-share your days

marie-claire said...


matt a said...

i do laugh when i read your blogs. out loud.