Tuesday, May 15, 2007

so long gilmore girls

Here we are on the last ever night of fresh Gilmore Girls. It's pretty sad, really. For 2 years now we've had a great excuse to get together in a pile on the sofa. We've watched Lorelei and Rory cleverly banter their way through life's up and downs. We've seen great examples of what not to do, but even those were teachable moments. We let Rory and Lor make mistakes for us so we wouldn't have to. Lor should have never married Chris when Luke was her true love (I called it.) We watched Rory love Dean, Jess, and finally Logan, (whose demise was seriously rushed by the abrupt ending of the show.) Lane has twins and Suki is on her third. So much has happened in Stars Hollow. I'm gona miss Kirk's antics and Babette and Miss Patty. I loved watching Lor and Suki's friendship. What is April going to be when she grows up? I'm glad that Lor is continuing the Friday night dinners with Emily and Richard, that was classy.

But, most of all, I'm going to miss getting in a pile on the sofa with my girls. The multi-generationalness of our Tuesdays, I'm dang 44 years old and Kimmy is 16. Yet, we were all just girls on Tuesdays at 8. It was a precious moment in time.

Thank you Annie, Ashley, Emily, Marie-Claire, Grace Anne, Kimmy and Katie B for hanging out with me. Through our time together I got to know you so much better. I love you girls. You beautiful, full of promise, real life girls.


tatum said...

just look at those faces. I LOVE EM! and i get to see them in a month and a half. i'm sad i missed last night though...very sad indeed!

Annie said...

If I was Babette, you'd be my Ms. Patty.

Jennie B said...

There ain't nothin' like a big pile of girls... :)