Thursday, May 03, 2007

something katie wrote in 1998

by Katie Bedingfield
November 23, 1998

Bacon is heavy
Bacon is light
Sometimes bacon
Makes me poot at night

Bacon is sweet
Bacon is sour
I wish I could eat it
4 times an hour

Bacon is happy
Bacon is joy
Maybe for Christmas
I'll get a bacon toy

Bacon is good
Bacon is funny
Someday we will all use
Bacon for money

You see, my favorite food is bacon. She wrote this poem for my birthday. She also drew some bacon art, made a bacon card and wrote a bacon research paper for me. She's that good. Coolest 6th grader alive. And Matt Anderson thought she was a trouble maker! I still crack up at that.


h. said...

i can't wait until we use bacon for money. now that's something to look forward to.

brad said...

Wow. I thought I loved bacon. I guess I don't.

brett said...

A most insightful poem...
"Sometimes bacon
Makes me poot at night"
You learn something new every day.

nysewanders said...

Bacon makes me do more than poot! Ha ha! J/k, J/k! I love you and I love that you love bacon and alway have a huge supply in your fridge and then you heat it in the microwave and then you wipe down the microwave,inside and out and leave the door open to let the microwave air out so it doesn't have a smell because you've had the microwave since you and mike got married. I just love who you are.

matt a said...

Wow. I never thought she was a bad egg; just that she had bad taste in middle school boys...