Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Katie's Home!

Go here and check out some more Key Largo photos.

John came back today to take my place in scuba class. I totally bombed. It's just too scary. Mike finished all the skills tests today with flying colors. I drove to the airport to get my boy, stopping on the way home to watch the end of Mike's lesson while performing the chicken dance.

Anyway, Katie is home from Scotland after 2 weeks abroad. She has a cough, the leftovers of a rotten cold. She just called and is enroute to LaParilla with the Downs family. Everybody seems to begin their reintroduction to Marietta life in this way.

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Jennie B said...

We got to be with Katie at the "other" American must-have... LongHorn on Thursday night. She was filling our heads with tales of Scotland. She is one marvelous chick.