Friday, October 12, 2007

One Film Can Change Your Life Forever

One of you told me about this movie, I can't remember who...

This is an excerpt from Gary Bauer's daily email update:

"One person can change your life forever. This is the subtitle of a beautiful and touching new film called Bella that’s set for release on October 26th. An emotional tale of self-discovery, Bella is the story of two people whose lives change forever when they find that it sometimes takes losing it all to finally appreciate the things that truly matter.

With its pro-life, pro-humanity message, Bella has been largely spurned by Hollywood. Despite this, Bella won the Toronto Film Festival’s People’s Choice Award (traditionally a bellwether indicator for Academy Award success). The Toronto Film Festival is the largest international film competition in the world. This pro-life film has already touched many lives. In fact, a number of pregnant women considering abortion decided to give love and life a chance after seeing this powerful film.

Here’s what you can do. The film will open to very limited distribution in 31 markets on the weekends of October 26th and November 4th. Broader distribution opportunities will be based on the success of the screenings during the first two weekends. Bella needs your assistance to mobilize your companies, churches, friends and families to buy tickets and fill the theaters.

To find out more about what you can do to help spread Bella’s message of hope, please visit: "


carolineb said...

On a side note, has anyone seen "Pan's Labyrinth"? VERY cool movie.

brad said...

It is me and the kid's favorite movie! No. I haven't seen it because the eyeballs in the palms spooked me quite a bit.

seantk said...

Will have to check out "Bella." Sounds good; hopefully the production values aren't typical of the "Christian movie" genre. With it winning a major award at the TIFF, though, that indicates it has good production value.

I have seen "Pan's Labyrinth." I wanted to see it on a big screen, but video sufficed. I really enjoyed it, especially the camera work, visual effects, the lighting, and the story. Cool, indeed.

Thesupermanns said...

We need to check out this movie.....we want to see you when you are in us.
love you.

ManUtd17 said...

Looks like a good flick. Nice trailer too. Would like to see it on the big screen, but we rarely get out to the movies anymore. Hard to pay $10 an hour for a sitter for the chance to pay $10 per ticket to watch a movie and drop another $10 for a gallon of Diet Coke and a pound of Reese's Pieces.