Monday, November 12, 2007

I am SO not feeling it.

If I typed everything that was on my mind right now I'd probably be shunned by my community of faith for some appropriate amount of time. Is it just me or does Owen Wilson have a witches nose? Mike and I hiked a trail today, we can sneak through a neighbor's yard and be in the National Park. Jeanne Livergood is a seriously great friend and next door neighbor. My daddy is about to start some more cancer treatment. Our last Beth Moore Bible Study is tomorrow night, I'll miss the Tabernacle in the wilderness. Oh, wait, Jesus is the true Tabernacle and He's right here in my heart. (I think he's knocking and trying to get out sometimes, too, Mary E...who could blame him.) A portrait of Katie B hangs above my desk. She's beautiful. And you should see Katherine. Her hair is growing back and she's mighty sparkly.

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ManUtd17 said...

This is 2 posts in 2 days between you and Annie where the opening comment involves some hesitancy to be transparent for fear that Christian readers would shun you.

That is disconcerting to me. We should not be afraid to be real within our own family.

Were that only true at the family get-togethers every Thanksgiving!