Sunday, November 11, 2007

Golly Jeepers, Beaver.

They're back. No worse for the wear. Lots of stories and I've gotten to hear them several times now and I'm over it. Something is in my eye, it's been there all day. David Eldridge is lighting up the universe with inspiration and conviction and Bo Bryant has a stellar voice. Amy Fritchman just popped in to give me a hug. Katherine and Sharliss Arnold are visiting for a few days. They brought their Yorkie named Lucy because they know how much I love domesticated animals. I'm almost caught up on the laundry. I've eaten several different things and I still don't feel like I've had dinner. We got new bushes.


Ruth Allen Bryant said...

BO Bryant also has a stellar ***!

Ruth Allen Bryant said...

by the way...loving being at SB w/ y'all and meeting KA yesterday.

Katie said...

These posts are my favorite.