Saturday, November 10, 2007


Now I'm 8 for 10. I guess I said that right, not a big sports fan. My dad watched boxing alot. We only had one TV and if boxing wasn't on he searched for a western. Oh well, the point is that I have missed 2 days on the NaBloPoMo dealeo.

My excuse this time isn't as great as last time. Or it's better, depending on your point of view and allergy situation. Katie B got a ticket for the Barnes/Wertz show last night before she knew about Vegas. So I got to be her and go to the show with Annie, Tatum, h., and Amy. We went to Loca Luna for dinner then on to Centerstage for the show that didn't start until 9:30pm. I began nodding off at around 11:15 when they were just getting warmed up.


1. Being one of those girls.
2. The sound at that sweet little venue was AMAZING! Mike and Brad would have loved the way the drums sounded. Great place to see a show.
3. Their lead guitar player was freakishly talented. He was by far the most talented person on the stage. He sang backup and hammered out leads that the other musicians were almost worthy of.
4. Gabe the singing piano man is my new favorite. He reminded me lots of Paul McCartney.
5. The drummer was very good but seemed really tired. I watched him the most, as always. I think the tour is almost over and maybe has taken it's toll. My heart is soft toward drummers.
6. I really love live music. I like to watch the sound guy and the light guy and watch the musicians talk to the monitor guy side stage and watch how they laugh together during songs and pick up on their sign language.
7. Hitting my pillow at 1:30am. I didn't even move all night. I'm not as cool as I thought.


Emily-Cathryn said...

was gabe the singing piano man as great as johnny was at the roxy?

Annie said...

Ummm... of course not, Em Cat.

Highlight for me:
1) CBed rollin with her homies.

It was a blast and I am SO glad you were there.

h. said...

good question em...not sure.

caroline, no doubt ---- you are the coolest of the cool.

Marie-Claire said...

Gabe is so good.

But he probably didn't have an outfit like Johnny's.

Emily-Cathryn said...

no one can have an outfit like johnny. its just not possible.