Wednesday, November 14, 2007

In the tub

Many of you have heard this story...

The last time the Fritchman's were here Amy was giving the boys a bath in my great big tub. They love that thing. I decided it would be fun to reminisce about how I used to bathe my younguns. I would kick off my shoes and roll up my pants and put my feet in the tub, better leverage. Well, the boys thought that was great fun and decided to up the ante. Eli chided me to get in with them. I thought about it for about half a second and slid in, clothes and all! Then, of course, they wanted me to go under and I did. We splashed about half the water out onto the floor and had a big old time. Amy probably thought I'd lost it.

My point is this: I can't remember doing anything so foolish when mine were little. And I wish I had.

Now that I ponder it, Amy probably didn't think a thing because she strikes me as that kind of mom. The kind who throws caution to the wind to be zany. While we can.

It did, however, destroy my cell phone which was in my back pocket. I got a better one.


Annie said...

You Bedingfield ladies- can't keep them cell phones dry.

Marie-Claire said...

Every time I hear this story I'm not even mad.

brad said...

Sounds like a ploy to get a new cell phone.

Annie said...

Tonight I picked jelly up with my bare hands and shoved it inside a croissant just to make a kid laugh.

I did it because of you.

Jennie B said...

You were and are one of the all time great moms...

Melinda said...

I am priviliged to know the Mozleys.
Knowing Tatum changed my life.
I know what Ryan looks like because I've met him. I know him because I know Anna.
I am in Ghana because I couldn't bring myself to leave. My body just will not leave this place. At least until July. But that's another story and not as decided as it should be. My mother is here, in the house where I live and "here" for me. I made it to the age of five in Nigeria. I grew up in Ghana. My brain hasn't grown up - it's still in Neverland. I pray it stays there. I don't know where to call home. When I watch my sister sleeping, and I know that at least for now, she is there and safe, and that my parents are in their room there and safe, I'm home.

I don't know what kind of person slides into a bathtub fully clothed but I know two things:
That's the kind of person I gotta love.
That's the kind of person I want to know.

Rob Lowe made the West Wing a magic place. Your comment made my day.

Mark said...

Hey Caro. you know what? you doing that with my boys is why you're they're guardian. If Amy and I go to meet Jesus and my boys need a Momma and Daddy, you and Mike are the ones we choose. Sliding in the tub with them is so Jesus like. It's awesome. You're awesome. You're like Jesus.
Stay willing to get wet.
I love you.