Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hike Inn

At 6 in the morning I'm off for a 4 hour drive and a 7 mile hike up a 6,000 ft mountain to spend the night in a cabin. Let me just say I am NOT stoked. There is a snow and wind advisory for Gatlinburg which is the nearest city to Mt. LeConte, the tallest mountain in the southeast. I go reluctantly as one who said "yes" several months ago. Since there is no electricity, I'm quite sure there will be no internet so I'll miss my posting sho.

I'm such a weenie! And I'm scared I won't have what it takes! Am I really an adventure woman? How do I get myself into these things?! These are but a few of the things rattling around in my head as I "pack lightly". Maybe I'll have some good stuff to post when I get back on Saturday night.

Think of me. Often.


nysewanders said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE document this adventure with photos... the world (mainly me) NEEDS to experience this with you. I wish I were there to laugh at (and encourage) you along the way. You are too fun my friend, too fun. Miss you like crazy and I will think and pray for you often.

seantk said...

You are crazy..
Now I know why you never wrote me back about
babysitting the kids yesterday. You were on your way to Bumble. Zoe would have been more fun than that.
Laura as Sean