Saturday, November 17, 2007

I made it.

Barely. The last half mile almost did me in. It took 5 hours and all my strength to climb Mt. LeConte. I did it. I made it up. We started out in Autumn and climbed up to a winter wonderland. Lots of snow covered fir trees everywhere, it looked like Elf's north pole. I stopped so often just to marvel at the snow dusted moss and fern along the trail, the places where the fairies play. The streams and falls with icicles hanging, the lacy skeletons of ice covered brush. It was amazingly beautiful.

As we emerged today from Winter back into Autumn I couldn't stop looking at the leaves covering the trail. The colors and shapes and sizes, like a mosaic. I was thinking, "There's a sycamore nearby, a sugar maple, a red oak." The ridge views of the surrounding mountains in all their splendor were marvelous. And I didn't stop there, I continued in my mind to the one who thought it all up. My God, my incredible imaginative Creator God who spoke it all into being. The whole earth is full his glory.

The cabin we slept in last night didn't have running water or electricity. Propane heaters and bunk beds with wool blankets and a key to the outhouse, that was it. I'm so thankful tonight for my precious family. And my sleep number bed. Nowadays I get so homesick. I'm home.


Sharliss Jane Arnold said...

Hi My Friend, so thankful you did go on the hike, when I left Thursdays you had your doubts. God is so good to show Himself and I do believe He did just that. Love to you and your wonderful family that I can describe as "The Safe Place"

brad said...

This the most beautiful fall I can remember. I played golf Friday at a course in Canton and the leaves got more attention than the golf. It was beautiful. Congratulations of finishing the hike and welcome home.

My sleep number is 55. Yours?

carolineb said...

My sleep number is 75. I think the number of the bunk bed in the cabin was a -43. I'm so spoiled.

brad said...

That is a 118 point sleep number swing. Not good.

nysewanders said...

I'm a 55... 75 seems a bit hard. JM is like a -43, he would have loved the cabin bed.

I wish I could have seen such beauty with you.