Saturday, November 03, 2007

Look what happens...

...when I leave town. Katie chops off her hair. I told her not to do it, I told her she would be sorry. I was wrong. I admit it.

We had a blast in Nashville! And in downtown Franklin and in Bellevue or wherever all we went. I got to hold baby Bennett, he's just the most precious! I must admit it, though, he liked Katherine better. Sad but true. I didn't get a one picture, either.

We went to the Life is good store grand opening and I found myself saying to the founder, "It's a smiley face, it's a SMILEY face, all this for a smiley face." I'm having trouble with this today and hope he knows that I realize he is spreading good cheer with a simple concept. I should have said that, why didn't I say that. 15 times.

Once again, David, Sharliss and Katherine Arnold were the best hosts ever. We set up a blog for Sharliss and she's off and running to NaBloPoMo. You can find her at:

I miss you Arnolds already. You're in my heart and soul.

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