Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A really good excuse, you'll see.

If I had gone to the doctor last night, he would have definitely given me an excuse. You see, our idiot dog sneezed right into my eyes and they swelled shut at about 10:30pm. With plenty of time to blog. The Benadryl I took to combat the reaction kept me from even dictating a blog to someone who could see.

I'm trying out a technique called "summing up in the first paragraph". I know you have lots of blogs to read, so if you are busy, you now know what and why from me without reading further.

I will now elaborate on the above described events. We had the Bedingfields, Crusselles and Livergoods over to celebrate the birthdays last night. I cooked this huge meal and decorated with cheesy stuff from the party store and we had strawberry cake and everybody brought lots of gifts and it was a magical night. I was feeling so expansive I even let Ellie in for a minute to play with Cousin Anna. Jeanne picked up the dog so Anna could pet her and I was sitting next to Jeanne. That put me at eye level with Ellie who turned to me and blew snot directly into my eyes. It was like that scene in Jurasic Park where the dinosaur sneezes on the little girl. It was SICK. I immediately knew...this is bad. ReAl bAd. The swelling began immediately, I wanted to run and get in the shower. There were 20 loved ones here, I couldn't go get in the shower! I did the hot washcloth trick which seemed to make it worse. Anyway, Nana took pictures of the kids and I was in some. Posterity will probably decide I had been crying a lot. Did you know that Benadryl gives you a terrible hangover? It does.

John is 18 today. I now have 2 adult children. How come I'm still so cool?!


AdairZambia said...

who cares why you're cool, but you are cool, and you always will be cool! I love you and I can't wait for you to see MY baby!

Boggsy said...

That stinks about the doggie goo in your eyes! How are the eyes today? The warm cloth was a good idea, but it makes the blood vessels dilate (I'm a dork!)...which makes the eyes more red! Little catch 22 if you will, but good thinking. I agree, you and Mike are super cool. Haven't been around you guys much lately so haven't had the chance to tell you, so there you go! I read your comment on Annie's blog and if you are in a pinch, I could try and brush up on the Trig and help John out. Anyway, take care.

Sharliss Jane Arnold said...

Oh MY, now I know our Ellie will just be put out in the cold. She didn't know truly, truly, she was just so excited to see everyone. Please forgive her and I hope you are feeling all better tonight. Love Love

nysewanders said...

I agree with Sharliss! Poor Ellie didn't know, she just loves you. But I am sorry about the eyes and the swelling and all. I blame Jeanne. Love ya!