Saturday, November 29, 2008

Grand Facade

This song is speaking to me from my iPod...

Allies "Grand Facade"

Where do we go from here
When we've said hello, I'm fine and you?
Shouldn't we make it clear
It's alright to shed a tear or two

If I showed my weakness would you laugh at me
If I ran away would you come after me

We hide our hearts, we play charades
Here behind the grand facade
No fear eludes, no pain can escape
From the loving eyes of God

If you could read my mind
Would you comfort me with an old cliche
This is my best disguise
It serves me well, it keeps me sage
But I feel the loneliness my comfort brings
When one word of love could give my spirit wings

From out of the dark, come into the light
Beyond the grand facade


Sharliss Jane Arnold said...

Hi, feeling a little, well blue, my girl is really hurting and very down. Praying she will turn a corner and feel better next week. This is the season for fun and activities. I cannot wait until she can plan, have fun and be chemo free. I guess when I read the song, it made me tell the truth about how I was feeling as well. Praying your day was better. Love you sister, you surely make such a difference in my life!

ManUtd17 said...

Nice song. I didn't think anyone knew or remembered The Allies. Their "Shoulder to Shoulder" CD always reminds me of my freshman year at UF.

Jennie B said...

Kool song - thanks for sharing it. And thanks for the help on Saturday :-)

Thesupermanns said...

You are loved Caroline...i love the video below too. You are De Besssst. Hope the wedding planning is coming along well.