Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hello Annie

I can't believe I am posting this dorky video.
I'm about to hit "Publish Post".
I'm pretty sure I will regret it.
Alas, the things we do for love. Of Annie.


AnnieBlogs said...

You do not have a lisp, which makes me jealous.

I'm so glad you like your Frothy shirt. :)

This MADE. MY. DAY. Thank you.

Next week. Hang out. Mucho.

steve and randel hambrick said...

caroline!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!
i loved it! and the frothy monkey shirt. can i have one? in chocolate please.

A Southern Wedding Belle said...

I have to disagree. You do have the littlest, tiniest lisp. But I think it's curable. We'll find you a good doctor. It could just be that shirt!

jenny said...

you are SOO funny...I can't handle it. See ya at Christmas?

Jenny JC

Nysewanders said...

LOVE IT! I love it that only the Downs girls have video lisps... I wish they had them for real:) Miss you!

Jennie B said...

nice hooters, Sis.

tatum said...

i miss you!!! your hair is so long! i can't wait to sit in caroland with you...only 20 days away!!!!!!
and i'm jealous of the not-lisp.

Ryan Kennedy said...

I'm back blogging! I thought you should be the first to know, miss you.

Marie-Claire said...

I love this so much.

Sharliss Jane Arnold said...

You do have a VERY small lisp but a GREAT RACK! Keep the videos coming! I love you & Happy BDay. Your best buddy, DA