Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A year ago today

Mama and Daddy on their wedding day. Beautiful people. We lost Daddy this time last year. We miss him. A lot.Me and Daddy on my wedding day. Haha, he was in his big glasses phase. He went out and bought new cowboy boots that morning. He said there was no way he was wearing those fruity tux shoes.

Having just been through it with Katie, I can tell you for certain that Daddy's go through a lot on their daughter's wedding day. They have to smile and wave as some guy takes their little girl away. And pay for the whole thing, too.

Anyway, just missing big George today. And every day. A big man with a big heart. A bright light. A huge presence. My daddy.


Amy said...

Precious is a girl's love for her daddy. Just precious.

Thesupermanns said... what Amy said. i know your heart misses your daddy. Im so sorry. I love that he refused to wear tux shoes and wanted to wear cowboy boots on your wedding day. Parts of him seem to continue to live through you and your awesome unique qualities....

Sharliss said...

I am thrilled to have not only met George but to have called him friend. He always made me smile and completed it with a super tight hug. I love that about him. I will always remember a santa tie he wore at Christmas time that would sing to you when you hugged him tight. I miss him as well but his light shines in you, his wit, love and compassion for others, that my friend is the legacy he had and handed to you. Love you to pieces. I cannot wait to get my arms around you in just two days to give you a tight hug.