Sunday, July 04, 2010

kitchen window

The view from my kitchen window. I planted zinnia seeds this spring. I love their joyous chaos.

This picture made me notice that I keep favorite things in the kitchen window. The cactus Mike gave me for our last anniversary with a card that said, "Thanks for sticking with me." The nativity that Jeanne brought me from Spain. The geodes full of baby amethysts, the birdie Ruth Allen made for me. The bottle stopper Sharliss brought me from Italy.

My grandmother always had zinnias. They make me think of her garden spot below the rock wall. They are violating the gardenias and that makes Mike, with his architects love of symmetry, a little uncomfortable.

The butterflies like to come for a visit. The japanese beetles like to visit, too. But, Mikey B got me some spray today at Home Depot that should take care of that. He also got some new shelving for the laundry room. We heard a large crash yesterday and went to see what on earth had happened. I did not take a picture of it. The chaos was not joyous.


A Southern Wedding Belle said...

Oh goodness - your pictures make me homesick for your kitchen and yard and you.

Nysewanders said...

I miss you!

Chip said...

I am so behind on reading. You always make me laugh. And I miss that. I have a high school teenager, for cryin' out loud. So I need to laugh! Thanks for the post, even though it was months ago. Good shelf life on this stuff.

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