Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Surprise Sunday

Look who walked in my door Sunday morning. I should say Sunday afternoon, as it was...after noon. I was in my pjs baking cookies and listening to some sweet tunes in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. My heart sinks. I'm thinking, that's the little kid that sometimes visits his grandparents next door and I'm going to have to make up a fat excuse why John can't come out to play. I won't be able to say the truth, "John is about 10 years older than you and an entire lifetime occurs between 18 and 8. No, he doesn't want to ride skateboards."

I'm wiping my hands on the way to the door thinking about how Mike is still snug in his bed because our Pastor called off church for snowstorm 2008 and I wonder what I will say if it's somebody looking for him, "Yes, I know it's after noon, but Mike is still asleep. I can't explain that to you, whoever you are, it's something that just happens, okay?"

I open the door and there stands David, Sharliss and Miss Katherine Jane Arnold looking bright and shiny all dressed up for Grandma Nancy's retirement party from the Powder Springs City Council. We don't get to see them much since they moved off to Nashville. Well, you could've knocked me over with a feather. Doesn't KJ's hair look adorable?! It's growing all back and everything. She's come a long way baby. You will notice that I am not in the photo, that was on purpose. I did wake up Mike so he could get some hugs. It was a really good surprise.


brad said...

That is awesome! What a surprise for you! I probably would have dropped to the floor and belly-crawled away from the front door so nobody could see me. Glad it turned out so nicely!

Sharliss Jane Arnold said...

I have to admit, I truly need to stop standing by Katherine when photos are taken. She is just so dang cute and I just look older and older, we have to do something about that. I do look better with a tan, might need to get some of that spray on stuff that Kelly uses on TV. We just could not let the time go by anymore without hugging two of our favorite people in the world. Now, as for Mike in the bed around noon, let me tell you that if they say "it's a snow day" church is closed then that is the sign to make cookes and sleep in. Both of you had your prorities right! Love you both to pieces!

nysewanders said...

What a treat! It makes it even better when you have no idea what's coming! Miss y'all like crazy and IGN misses her aunties from the sac! Love ya!

Katie said...

I'm sad to say we were up at 6am and at Chuck E Cheese by 11. The thrill of the snow wore off quickly with the girls. Sorry we didn't get to chat tonight, although you kept stalking me with that camera. Let's chat soon. We met some friends of yours the other night.